The A to Z of Cobudget

Making collaborative funding easy & Fun

Cobudget is a practice that allows groups to allocate resources collaboratively and transparently through a participatory proposal process.

Our team can provide you with expertise to guide and support you in running your collaborative funding processes.

For organizations that want to:

  • Start their first experiment with collaborative resource allocation, but don't know where to begin
  • Run truly particpatory internal innovation programs and call-for-proposals
  • Catalyze employee/member engagement by enabling them to propose projects and allocate resources to them
  • Create more participation and transparency in their financial and budgeting processes.


We offer the following services to support you throughout your Cobudget experience, to ensure optimal engagement and results.


  • A session with you to design your optimal setup for your group in line with your objectives
  • Clarification of administrative requirements
  • This can range from a 1 day workhop to a 2 hour video conference call.


  • Creation and implementation of an onboarding process
  • Tailored support materials to ensure a fluid experience for your team.


  • Ongoing support on how to craft powerful proposals
  • On and offline facilitation to ensure proposals are aligned with the objectives of your initaitive.


  • 2 hour retrospective session with your team
  • Iterate your Cobudget setup to integrate what you learned into your next round.

Authenticity & Integrity

We make an effort to understand and honor the origins of the concepts and practices we work on, while being honest with ourselves that we will always be learning.


We believe that change will come from people and organizations collaborating and doing business together in an ecosystem. Often that means letting go of your ego and letting everyone focus on their strengths. We are greater than the sum of our parts.


Openness means many things for us. Open communication is a fertile ground for learning and personal development. It also means keeping a balance between contributing and sharing knowledge publicly, with the commons of our ecosystem and privately.

Value Created > Value Extracted

What drives us in our work is to make a positive contribution to the world. Greaterthan is built around value creation for all stakeholders: the planet, society, our workers and our customers.

Holistic Approach

On an individual level, everyone should be able to bring their full, authentic self to what they do.  

On an organizational level, we think systemically.