Our Work

What does distributing power really mean?

The organizations that define society today will be self-managed networks and platforms. They will be places where people have agency and purpose.

The writing is on the wall: Pyramids are dying. They are being replaced by distributed networks, driven by value creation.

Greaterthan provides training and consulting for organizations that want to become more collaborative, dynamic and entrepreneurial. We use our practical expertise from building distributed global networks to support organizations on this journey.

Making this shift is hard and requires a cultural and behavioral change that cannot happen without rethinking power, governance and money. This at the heart of our work and the tools that we offer.


Change does not happen from just the individual or just the group level. They are connected. Our approach is to combine both.

Training & Facilitation
for Teams

Practice-based Consulting
& Best Practices

(Software )Tools
& Hands-on Methods


Tools we Use

Our approach

1. Diagnosis

  • Research and learn about what you are already doing
  • Identify the best starting point to boost your organizational transformation process

2. Experiment Design & Delivery

  • Co-design your first collaborative finance experiment (workshop)
  • Choose the tools to support it
  • Training and onboarding with your team
  • On- and offline process facilitation

3. Integration of Learnings

  • Retrospective session with your team
  • Iterate the experiment to integrate what you learned

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