From June 21 through July 31 the Greaterthan team + trusted friends, work crushes and trailblazers will be hosting experiences, pauses, dialogue and dancing at...

known as....

The Greaterthan Future~Present
Solstice Jamboree

An online festival to evolve, restore, pull apart,
or put to rest the dominant ways we live, work, and organize.

Our Jamboree’s vibe is a cross between a music/arts festival, summer camp, pleasure cruise, forest party, raucous company picnic, and ??? You decide!

6 Weeks

6 Weeks, 5 days/week



Participatory program

Participatory program created by members of the Greaterthan ecosystem.

Come plant a flag on our mountain.
Plug into our amp.
Rest and reflect at our caravanserai.

...and feel the dappled sunlight shimmer on your cheek at our camp. You get the idea.

Program & Registration

Greaterthan will create the scaffolding for us all to play on. So bring your tools and pool toys--your whittling knife, guitar, bird identification book, treasure map. Come as a participant. Come as a host. Do a few. Do them all. Let’s go see what happens when we create a space for fun and life.

Below is our program, a continuous work in progress, with sessions being added as they emerge. Please make sure to sign-up for updates below to stay in the loop up to and during the Jamboree.

AND! if you would like to host a session, please contact your Greaterthan friends, or reach out directly to the co-producers Susan Basterfield, Lyssa Adkins and Lucia Die Gil.

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