Shhh … have you heard? 

There are campfires between valleys, rivers, forests and plateaus - where friends, work crushes, shapeshifters and the Greaterthan team gather.
Our campfires reveal patterns, layers, secrets -
some forgotten and others hidden from the naked eye.
They invite us to experience together, to take new perspectives, to learn and to inspire. 

This is your invitation to

Greaterthan’s Annual
Solstice Jamboree

An online festival made of campfires where you are invited to host and to participate, to experience and to pause, to dialogue and to dance
Starting on Solstice, 21 June and continuing through 21 July
5 days a week  across timezones and online platforms, the Jamboree zooms-in or zooms-out on things we want to try, share, reveal, transform, practice and restore.

6 Weeks

4 Weeks, 5 days/week



Participatory program

Participatory program created by members of the Greaterthan ecosystem.

Between #leadership-and-followship,
#in-the-body, #just-because-it-is-fun, #systems, #wholeness, and #new-ideas-and-ancient-wisdom 

What do you want to try?

Program & Registration

Greaterthan will provide the scaffolding for each one of us to light our own campfire, aka hosting a workshop, experience, fishbowl, panel or whatever else energises and excites you.

Host of campfire → bring your tools, instruments, fireside stories, maps and host a campfire(s) during the 4 weeks. Reach out to your Greaterthan friend(s) or fill out this form

Join as a participant → any, many or all of the campfires as they begin to give light and show here on the calendar. The calendar will keep emerging as sessions form. Get the full download of what’s happening each Monday of the week during the Jamboree by signing up to our newsletter.

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