Team Retreats

Work was never meant to be 2D

Remote work has changed the ways we work and relate. More than ever, organizations need to prioritize time together to unlock potential and create impact.

Greaterthan supports brave organisations in creating meaningful, memorable offsites and retreats, with the right balance of working, connecting, and recharging.

A retreat that serves you

Hire us to design and facilitate team retreats and offsites to build trust, strategise, innovate and align.

Greaterthan has decades of experience in creating retreats from A to Z in many contexts and cultures. We are here to support you through the entire retreat creation process: from defining your goals, to finding the perfect venue, to co-designing the program and facilitating on site.

We offer fixed fee design and retreat facilitation, or we can advise you in the process of creating your own experience.

The ingredients of a great retreat

What will make your retreat meaningful goes far beyond the formal "program".

It depends on the interplay of a few key ingredients:

The right balance between work, rest, connection and play

Participatory formats that engage everyone to tap into the wisdom of the group

The perfect location

Delicious, nourishing food

Support by experienced facilitators who help you navigate through challenges

Walking away with a sense of accomplishment

Looking at all these elements holistically is at the heart of our approach.

Taking you where you need to go

To make the most out of your offsites, on-sites or retreats, we work closely with your team to craft an experience that meets your organizational goals and expectations.

Our clients typically organize retreats to achieve any of these goals:

  • Enliven the shared mission and purpose

  • Strategize and align towards collective action

  • Build coherence around ways of working

  • Grow shared leadership and culture

  • Make important decisions together

  • Practice foundational skills of self organizing

  • Strengthen trust and working relations

  • Surface and address tensions the environment that suits your team

In Person



What our clients are saying

“Manel and Lena from Greaterthan handled group dynamics with experience and grace, adapting constantly as the event evolved and delivering an excellent, productive, rejuvenating three days. We needed their help; they delivered above and beyond what we ever expected.”

Shannon Wray, Ember Buck & Nathan Hewitt |
Open Collective | Bath (UK) | October 2023

After 2 years of working together, we turned to Greaterthan to facilitate our first in-person company retreat in nearly 4 years. Nearly half of our team had never met in-person and the rest were longing to reconnect. Leveraging her knowledge and experience with our team, Lyssa created a space where everyone felt welcome to participate. The level of conversation and engagement exceeded our wildest expectations.

George DeMet | CEO Co-founder  |
Colorado, USA | August 2023

”We host three full-company retreats each year, which are vital for our alignment and to discuss certain topics that are better discussed in person. Greaterthan has helped us understand and realize the potential of these gatherings, and they have our complete trust in delivering these essential company events.”

Dimas Cuesta | in99
Spain | 2022 and 2023

For three years in a row, we have decided to work with David to hold our annual staff gathering with more than 200 participants online. Together we plan the design of the gathering and take his input to cover the contents in a methodical, alternating way. During the event, it is important for us to have technical support in the background so that we can focus on the content of the gathering. For the design and participative approach of our virtual members' meeting, we recommend David as a partner throughout the entire process.

Alfred Maier & Katrin Raps | Board of Directors |
Kolping Bildungswerk München und Oberbayern |
Virtual 2021 - 2023

Who we've worked with

Let’s talk!

Have a team retreat coming up soon and are looking to hire an external facilitator? Not sure yet whether you would like external support? Or are you currently exploring whether having regular retreats makes sense for your organization?

Reach out to Manel from our team for a chat by clicking below.

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Venues we loved

The right venue matters, and many clients ask us for support in finding one. We have been to many retreat venues over the years, and keep track of them in a database. We are happy to recommend one to you, or feel free to browse for one yourself.

Where our team is based

We work in the following languages:
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