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Many organisations are taking bold steps in changing how they organise, yet the area of money often goes untouched. Financial decision-making and management remain slow, centralised and intransparent, despite intentions to increase participation and agility. Why is it so hard to align values with actions when money is involved?

Money is a key leverage point for shifting power dynamics. We learned this through tough lessons in the self-organised communities Greaterthan sprang from. That’s why questioning how we work with money, and experimenting with alternative approaches have always been central to our work and practice.


There are many entry points...

Most will lead to more questions before answers, and that’s great.
This territory is not for the faint of heart.
It’s wise to walk with care, one step at a time. 
Suspend your disbelief and choose a place to start. 

What if everyone in our organisation had access to our financial data?

What might be different? 
What would you need to take one step towards this?

What if everyone in our organisation had a say in our financial decision-making…. and it was fun?!

How might this change your relationship to your workplaces?
What impact might this have on leadership (and who steps up and when)?

What if our salaries were transparent to each other, and we set them together? 

How might this affect team dynamics? 
What if it were based on needs, instead of performance?

What if our personal histories with money were part of workplace conversations?

What stories might you want to share (or not)? 
What impact might this have?

Services & Offerings

We help organisations align their vision and values with how they relate to and distribute money. Grounded in our own practice, we support you with a broad toolkit ranging from playfully unpacking individual and collective money stories, to opening up the books, from dynamic budget allocation to ‘new pay’ salary models.


As accountable partners, humble advisors, loving challengers and transparent collaborators, we offer support wherever you are on this journey.

The Money Game: Virtual Experience

If you want to explore personal relationships to money, this is for you. We offer online and in-person versions of this 3-hour experience that is often at the foundation of working consciously with money as a team.

Compensation & New Pay

We help you develop alternative compensation models as an innovative way to recognise contributions and increase agency, fostering commitment, engagement, and organisational resilience.

Case study

Collaborative Budgeting

Make ideas and money flow in your organisation, collective or community. We run the Cobudget platform and provide advisory on and support the design and facilitation of collaborative funding processes.


Financial Transparency & Open Books

Information is at the base of effective participation. We help you build customised systems for financial transparency to increase business acumen across your organisation.

Talks and workshops

Sometimes all it takes to light a fire is a spark. See past talks:

Thriving Networks  •  Money and Networks  •  Decision-making

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Money is a story: let’s tell a new one

by Kate Beecroft

The dominant story of money is one where competition for scarce resources is at the heart of social and economic life. Yet our relationship to money remains a deeply personal thing — complicated, heartbreaking, uplifting, stressful.


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Happy Money Story: Decoupling remuneration from calculation

Francesca Pick

This is a case study that looks at the evolution and insights from one of Greaterthan's internal, the ‘Happy Money Story’, a collaborative process for distributing budgets.


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Financial decision making in self-organized networks: 4 common challenges

Francesca Pick

Networks based on self-organizing principles have come a long way in recent years to becoming true alternatives to working in more traditional organizations —from locally based or online communities, coops, freelancer collectives, “Neo-Guilds” or DAOs. Yet when it comes to addressing questions of money, value and power, we still seem to be lagging behind.


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