Organisational Change

No one knows your organisation better than you.

The world is changing at an ever-faster pace, demanding more creativity, innovation, and healthy productivity. Evolving how you work to take advantage of and thrive in these new contexts is both a challenge and an opportunity—one you do not need to face alone.

We support brave, purpose-driven organisations to thrive in complexity, helping you align your desired outcomes, impacts and culture. Through participatory practice, experimentation and shared leadership, we help build your capacity to sense, create, and evolve how you work.

Consider us your organisational development and transformation guides, accompanying you as you discover your unique how through practice, testing, and iteration.

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A guide along the way can make all the difference.

We call the work we do accompaniment because, unlike traditional consultants we will not hand you a ‘solution’ to implement. We will work alongside you as partner and advisor; working with where you are and relating to your potential as you do the work. 

We will help you experiment, iterate and innovate your own way, bringing in examples, tools and practices to guide us. Our theory of change depends on making ourselves redundant, so we prioritise building capacity, sharing tools and transferring experience every step of the way. 

Our engagements range from discrete process interventions that may last a few weeks to walking a journey together for multiple years. While the journey will be unique to you, there are key places all organizations need to go: foundations and internal capacities that are vital to adapting and thriving. We help you discover where to start, point you toward key milestones, and reflect and learn as we go.

Leverage points: where to start, and where to go.

Our journeys often begin with provocations like….

  • …the 5-year strategy is a relic of the past, but how do we build a map that points us in the direction we want to go without limiting our potential or the reality of perpetual change?

  • …What are the challenges of a culture where people act on an entrepreneurial, caring and proactive mindset?

  • …How do we enable more people to step into leadership and work consciously with power?

  • …I’m afraid that if everyone is a leader nothing will get done - how do we solve that ?

  • …Is there a way to embrace diversity and have everyone's voices heard - while remaining agile and without falling into consensus paralysis?

Some of the most common areas we work on are:

Leadership & Structure

When your organisation is shifting beyond what your teams can hold, but you don’t want to fall into conventional hierarchical structures… 
We help you (re)design structures and processes, so that the potential of your organization is unleashed.

  • Creating the conditions for distributed leadership

  • Decision-making & governance

  • Working with power 

  • Roles & accountability

Participatory program

Growth & Development

When your organisation knows itself well, and is already fearlessly trying new ways of working, but things still feel stuck…
We help you shift perspectives, experiment effectively and set up individual, group and system development practices so that you can reach new heights. 

  • Purpose, values & principles in action

  • Living, participative strategy

  • Harnessing collective intelligence

  • Agile practices

Communication & Tensions

When you and your teams are running into roadblocks, unhelpful patterns and recurrent tensions…
We help you spot the patterns, navigate tensions and integrate learnings so that you can constructively step forward, together.

  • Collective and individual reflective practice

  • Acknowledging and working with tensions

  • Productive feedback

  • Communicating for coherence & clarity

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