Our world is facing increasingly complex and interconnected challenges.

To address them, we need to go beyond the organisational structures and cultures we inherited from the industrial age. Bold companies, brave communities, networks and individuals are already venturing into the unknown and showing us that radically new ways of organising are possible and sustainable.

Our purpose is to help them succeed.

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We are a home for experienced facilitators, consultants, coaches, network weavers, product builders, experimenters...

who have joined forces to usher in a new era of organising. Born out of a shared passion for collaborative governance, budgeting and the tool Cobudget in 2017, we are rooted in an ecosystem of practice-based communities that have been exploring decentralised organising and commoning for over a decade.

Today, we not only support others on their journey, but develop open source tools & products, conduct research and run experiments. We continue to grow with our people.

Stefan Morales


An open-hearted iconoclast, Stefan loves to include + unleash everyone. He specializes in org dev, social design + digital facilitation.

Melinda Varfi


Melinda believes in the power of communities and is passionate about helping them grow to contribute towards a sustainable society through participatory processes.

Miriam Moreno Bellido


From 1999 working with Companies. Miriam helps change happen and to introduce a culture of constant change. Focused on Transformation, New Org Paradigms, Leadership, Remote Culture & Equity.

Ashish Arora


Ashish supports people to follow their hearts and organisations to create transformative cultures :)

Alicia Trepat


Alícia is a designer and facilitator of distributed leadership, community building and decentralised governance.

Anna Kopacz


Known for weaving conscious intention to the way we organize, communicate, and practice together, Anna is an embodiment coach and facilitator of healing spaces.

Elena Denaro


A recovering quasi-academic, Elena loves creating holistic and transformative learning experiences. Relational dynamics are her jam.

Nenad Maljković


Collapse-aware network weaver, group process facilitator and teamwork coach with a motto "Towards regenerative cultures through dialogic collaboration".

Tomomi Sasaki


Designer, facilitator and coach, working with you to build strong teams, healthy workplaces and useful products.

Susan Basterfield


Susan is a catalyst and coach who believes that awareness and discernment is the key to everything. She accompanies leaders and organizations on their transformational journeys.

Lena Bumke


Lena is a facilitator, community builder, artist and bodyworker. Her heart beats for creating innately transformational spaces. The sacred sits at the core of all her work.

J.D. Nasaw


J.D. is a facilitator, coach, consultant & community builder working at the intersection of somatics, self-management, social justice & regeneration.

Francesca Pick


A seasoned ecosystem builder and network weaver, working to help networked organizations thrive thanks to distributed governance practices and tools.

Mary O'Keeffe


Mary is a collaboration coach, facilitator & trainer experienced in distributed leadership, decentralised organising and more human ways of working.

Lyssa Adkins


Lyssa is a coach, agilist and lover of conscious human systems. She helps leaders and teams increase their awareness to create a more holistic impact on their orgs & our planet.

David Weingartner


Individual & collective transformation journeys, participatory processes, systems practice - David is passionate to design and hold those spaces in organisational environments

Manel Heredero


An org transformation facilitator focused on transforming business strategy, developing knowledge networks + tapping into collective intelligence.

Ria Baeck


30 years as therapist - coach - mentor. Linking the very personal, individual knots with the systemic, organisational level.

Lucia Die Gil


Defined by some as an organisational healer, Lucia brings her passion about connection, depth and exploration to the world of self management.

How Greaterthan works

We are a self-managed collective built on shared principles, agreements, trust and commitment. Our organising model is continuously evolving. Greaterthan is also proudly a Stewardship-Owned business. This means that our mission is held in trust by Purpose fund, who ensure that our profits always remain in service of our purpose. 

To discover more about our structure and governance, see an overview of our guiding principles below and explore our handbook.

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Principles that guide us

Greater than the sum of our parts

We embrace our interdependence to create more impact, sustainable livelihoods and joy.

Ground ourselves in practice

We only offer what we have experienced ourselves, and learn through continuous practice and experimentation.

Work with Power

We create the conditions for stepping into our collective power, by working consciously and explicitly with power dynamics.

Stay perpetually curious

We welcome contradictions and dissent, with an open mind and open heart.

Lead with (com)passion and authenticity

We care and take responsibility for ourselves, each other and the whole, to be able to safely explore our edges.

Learn more about our principles here

Are you also dedicated to changing how we organise? Let's connect.