Welcome to the....
Greaterthan Camp @Gathering of Tribes 2024!

We are excited to invite you to join us for this time of
exploration, learning, joy, depth and connection.


Greaterthan is joining the Gathering of Tribes 2024 to deepen our interconnection and exchange learnings with the wider ecosystem of networks, crews and organisations committed to building more regenerative futures.

We plan to offer our unique perspective on decentralised and collaborative ways of working and regenerative organising. This means sharing our experiences and expertise through immersive sessions on topics such as:

  • Values aligned, conscious organizing 

  • Decentralized governance and decision making (incl. the realities of self-management)

  • Distributed & embodied leadership

  • Money - Practices and explorations that challenge the status quo

  • Remote and hybrid collaboration

  • …and whatever else will flow from our creative juices


This invitation is for you if:

  • You are a Greaterthan member or explorer who wants to join the camp to co-create, connect and play.

  • You have been curious, following or connected to Greaterthan for some time and want to get to know us better, e.g. if you’ve participated in our courses and/or events, or been following our weekender newsletters. [Please note that, while priority will be given to Greaterthan members and explorers, we’ll do our best to make it possible for you to join us.]

If this is your first time hearing about Greaterthan, then this is probably not the right moment to join our camp – although we would love you to find out more about us and explore our public offerings as a way to start getting to know each other.

Why are we joining?

We share our “why” for setting up a camp in our commitment video:

A bit about the set up...

The Greaterthan Camp is joining forces to share infrastructure and space with the Future is Now camp and 7Billion Presidents - because.... well, why not co-create village vibes with other amazing people when you get the chance?!

As a village we will share a large marque tent that will be a space for workshops and a shared hang-out space. We also aim to set up a smaller little lounge space just for us (for smaller group hang-outs).

Ticket pricing

Our pricing has been set to cover costs. Additionally, Greaterthan is making a financial contribution to support us in setting up the camp and keep costs low for participants. Greaterthan is not aiming to make any money from this. If there is any surplus from ticket sales, we will host a co-creation process for all camp participants to decide what we want to do with that extra money (maybe we will want to more decorations and soft things, maybe we will want to do a Happy Money Story to distribute it amongst us... we don't presume to know this yet, but invite in you in for the ride!)

We offer three tiers of pricing:

Sustain ~ €200 (€220 late bird after August 1st)
This is our best estimate of what we would need to cover basic costs of setting up the camp.

Enable ~ €300 (€320 late bird after August 1st)
If you can, we really encourage you to contribute with the higher income ticket. This enables us to support others who may not be able to stretch for the sustain price. And remember, if there's any extra budget left over, we will decide together with all participants how to put it towards something creative that we can all enjoy.

Supported ~ let's talk!
If you would like to join us but the sustain ticket cost is prohibitive, we encourage you to still apply. We are committed to doing what we can to support you to join us at a cost that accessible.

Note: The ticket price includes a €100 (or €120 for late sign ups) contribution to the main organisers for the overall infrastructure and event set up.

P.s. We are exploring how to set up an easy to track and fully transparent budget... so watch this space!

Got questions or want to join the organising team?
Contact Lena at lena@greaterthan.works

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