How we organise changes everything.

We work with leaders, companies, startups, cooperatives, networks and communities who want to create a world where...

Everyone has the opportunity to have a say in decisions that effect them.

Value is recognized and distributed in a healthy, regenerative way.

Caring relationships and human development thrive.

People express their creativity and entrepreneurialism.

Everyone can step into their power and lead.

We support them in creating, scaling and transitioning to new organisational forms, such as self-managing organisations, decentralized networks and practice-based communities.

We train, coach, advise and facilitate on:

Organisational transformation

Collaborative governance and budgeting

Network and community building

Participatory process and event design

Dynamic leadership

Self-organising and remote teams

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"Greaterthan has incredible knowledge, skills and understanding of how to transform the workplace into a space where everyone can grow to their potential"

Jan Perkins, CEO and Founder, Tautoko Options

"Greaterthan's training was critical in helping us prepare for our conference, and gave us the confidence and structure we needed."

Jamila Asanova, Innovation for Change Central Asia

"We loved working with Greaterthan and learning about new digital tools to support our collaborative decision-making and governance processes."

Cecily Rawlinson, Civicus Project Director

"Greaterthan is relentless in helping companies and individuals reach their full potential, without holding back honest and constructive feedback."

Mihaela Pasek-Virlan, CEO at Accace

Stories about our work

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Self-organizing Training, Team Agreements

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Organizational Transformation


Organisational Transformation

Culture Amp

Remote faciliation training


Ecosystem & Community Building, Decentralized Decision-Making


Organizational Transformation

Edmund Hillary Fellowship

Network & Community Building

Goerdeler Kolleg for Good Governance

Participatory Process Design, Network Building

Tergar Asia

Self-organizing training, coaching